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Harry Potter Music Videos

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Lying is the most fun...| Harry/Draco [19 Jul 2012|03:06am]

Title: Lying is the most fun...
By: justtothesea (itsforscience)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "You know it will always just be me."
Song/Artist: Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, Panic! at the Disco
Length: 1:05

Main post with downloads and notes
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vid: I Shot You Down | Harry/Draco [12 May 2012|03:25am]

title: I Shot You Down
by: justtothesea (itsforscience)
song/artist: Bang Bang, Nancy Sinatra
pairing: Harry/Draco
rating/contains: pg-13, blood, non-graphic violence, slash
length: 2:39
format: wmv
spoilers: for scenes used from HBP
summary: "I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links, you understand, when they are in this form." - Dumbledore.

Embed under hereCollapse )

Main post with info, links, and downloads
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Fanvid: Where is your god? | Battle for Hogwarts [13 Apr 2012|09:54pm]

*Watch in HD*
A look at the ultimate choices, motives and fates of all those involved in the Battle for Hogwarts.
// Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living. And above all, those who live without love. //
Song: 30STM "Hurricane" (2009)
Watch in HD. Otherwise I've spent hours editing a Blueray Rip for nothing :P
Watch here...Collapse )

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The Four Founders of Hogwarts - fanmade [23 Jul 2011|03:19am]


Song: Death Is the Road to Are
Note: So, I made this video with my personal cast (I know some of you will may be disagree but... I hope you will like). I wanted something dark. That's the reason of the first scene (the middle age and the persecussion, witch trials...)
Warning (?): spoilers free!
Subject: Godric Gryffindor (Richard Madden), Helga Hufflepuff (Rachel Weisz), Rowena Ravenclaw (Gemma Arterton) and Salazar Slytherin (Michael Fassbeder)
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Seeking Harry Potter fanvids for vidshow at LeakyCon [28 May 2011|06:14pm]

I'm putting together a fanvid showcase that will be part of Informal Programming at LeakyCon in July in Orlando; I've got a solid collection of Harry Potter fanvids (although I have only just started asking the vidders for permission) but I know there must be some that are beyond my radar screen - too new, or too old. If you have one or know of one that's particularly creative, insightful, well-made, extremely funny or otherwise notable, please comment or email me. Feel free to direct friends to this post, and please, newsletters, spread the word.
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Lubricus Accepting Vid Show Submissions and Suggestions [03 Apr 2011|11:39am]

Lubricus (aka The Con that Shall Not be Named) is now taking submissions and suggestions for the convention's Vid Show!

See the details for submissions or suggestions here or email vidding@bf4f.org with questions. The deadline is June 1, 2011.
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Angsty HP video [24 Oct 2010|10:00pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey just joined, made this video a bit ago, thought I'd post it. Hope you like it.
It's about Harry remembering all that Voldemort has taken from him, then realizing that he still has people left who will support him against Voldemort, Ron and Hermione.
The song is I Gave You All by Mumford and Sons.

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The Chosen One... A Weapon - Harry-centric [12 Oct 2010|07:53am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: The Chosen One... A Weapon
Song: "Weapon"
Artist: Matthew Good
Category: Character Study
Characters: Harry
More info @ my journal...

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"My Master" - Doctor Who/Harry Potter Crossover SLASH Video [13 Aug 2010|03:55pm]


Fandom: Doctor Who/Harry Potter
Genre: slash, alternate universe, crossover
Pairing: Barty Crouch Jr./Simm!Master (implied Tenth Doctor/Simm!Master)
Title: My Master
Vidder: KarliMeaghan
Songs: "The Story Continues" by Patrick Doyle, "What If The Storm Ends?" by Snow Patrol
Length: 7m05s
Rating: PG-13 for some (fake) sex scenes
Summary: The Master crashes in the Harry Potter universe and finds a familiar face in Death Eater Barty Crouch Jr. Evil, angst, and slashy times ensue (full summary posted below the video).
Slight spoilers for both the Doctor Who season 3 finale and Goblet of Fire.

Watch Video
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Video (Ron/Hermione) [22 Jul 2010|08:19pm]

Title: Closer to love ♥
Pairing: Ron & Hermione
Artist: Mat Kearney
Song: Closer to love

Watch on Youtube in HD

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Video (Ron/Hermione) [19 Jul 2010|02:47pm]

Title: I desperately need you
Pairing: Ron & Hermione
Artist: Owl City
Song: Meteor Shower

Watch on Youtube in HD

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Severus Snape - All I Ever Wanted [13 Jul 2010|12:36am]


A fanvid tribute to Severus Snape. ^_^
Song: 'All I Ever Wanted'
From: The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack

Watch it at the SOURCE
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vid: (harry & draco) +obsession [08 Jun 2010|09:08pm]



Song: Obsession
Band: Innerpartysystem
Inspired by [info]spectrespecs' Harry/Draco fanmix
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9
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vid: "take your heart & walk away" → harry & draco [06 Jun 2010|02:47am]


Song: The Mess I Made
Band: Parachute
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 9
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Enjoy! :D
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New HBP vid from me [26 May 2010|08:45pm]

Pairing: Snarry
File Size: 70 MB
File Type: .WMV
Song: "Speeding Cars"
Artist: Imogen Heap
Summary: More of what I wanted Halfblood Prince to be…Harry struggles with Snape’s betrayal and everything he has learned from the Advanced Potions text.
Warning: None

Download Speeding Cars (via akemi42.com)
Watch Speedings Cars on YouTube or BAM or the akemi42 theater

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"How Far We've Come" HP music video [17 May 2010|09:23pm]


SPOILERS for ALL book and movies

Watch it on YouTube

Title: How Far We've Come: A tribute to the first six Harry Potter films
Category/Pairing: general, canon pairings (mainly Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Arthur/Molly)
Length: 3m 37s
Rating: PG
Song: "How Far We've Come"
Artist: Matchbox Twenty
Summary: This is a music video celebrating the first six Harry Potter films, set to "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox Twenty.
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Why We Fight [07 May 2010|10:28am]


Pairing: None
Song: Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars
Premises: A montage of Harry's constant struggles and strengths. I could describe it more in depth, but I think it'd be better off with your own interpretations
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Scenic Sublime [07 May 2010|10:22am]


 Pairing: Harry/Luna
Song: Fuzzy Blue Lights - Artist: Owl City
Set during OoTP/HBP. It is a relatively open ended video (no specific plot), which is a rarity for me. I focused on the visuals telling the storyline in addition to the scene selections. Whatever ship you prefer, or simply watch fellow vidders, I hope you will enjoy watching these two characters.
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Submissions for Infinitus Vidding Show Now Being Accepted [21 Feb 2010|04:30pm]

Because last year's vidding show at Azkatraz was such a success, the folks at HPEF will be hosting another special event for vidders in the Harry Potter fandom at Infinitus. The Infinitus Vidding Show will be presented during regular programming hours (July 15-18) in the convention hotel.

Rules for the Infinitus Vidding Show
1. Vids must be Harry Potter themed
2. Vids must be 1-6 minutes in length
3. Encoded using a codec in the Combined Community Codec Pack (most vids will meet this requirement)
4. Resolution must be about 720 X 480 (there might be some bending room on this but we want higher quality vids)
5. Vids shown must be under an R rating

How to Submit a Vid
Please email submissions to akemi42@gmail.com including...

1. Your vidder name
2. Vid title
3. Vid rating
4. A link to your vid using MegaUpload, SendSpace or another similar service
5. Any other comments or clarifications about your vid

Please feel free to email akemi42@gmail.com with any questions about the show. Additionally please note that you do not have to attend the conference to submit a vid. Your vid does also not have to be "new" or specially made for the conference. As long as it's Harry Potter, we wanna see it! And there's also a little promo here to get you inspired.
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